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        [GREG1\]BOX [Arg1  [Arg2  [Arg3]]]  [/ABSOLUTE]  [/UNIT  valid_unit]
    [/LABEL Pen] [/FILL pen_num] [/[NO]BRIEF [X|Y]]

    BOX puts axes around the plot region, labelling the lower and left ones.
    The first two arguments are used to modify the labelling  of  the  lower
    and  left axes respectively. They may take the values P for Parallel la-
    bels (default for X axis), O for Orthogonal labels (default for Y  axis)
    or  N  for No labels. A third argument can be specified to indicate that
    the ticks are to be IN or OUT of the box, or not drawn  at  all  (NONE).
    BOX creates a segment named "BOX".

    The option /LABEL is used to specify a different pen to use for axis la-
    belling. Creates a supplementary graphic segment "LABEL".

    The option "/FILL pen_num" will fill the inside of the box with the col-
    or  of the pen pen_num. The last 16 pens (numbered 8-23) can receive ar-
    bitrary colors with the command LUT /PEN. Creates a supplementary graph-
    ic segment "FILL".

    BOX N N N  makes  a  rectangle  with the current pen, even if the pen is


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