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GREG1$\backslash$ NEWS

      Oct  1995:  Separate text and marker orientation. Text orientation can
        now also be given in command LABEL and DRAW TEXT. See  DRAW,  LABEL,
      Jul 1995: RGDATA enhanced: /SUBSET option even with /VARIABLE, simple-
        minded creating of a grid from X,Y,Z variables, etc.
      Jun 1995: "true" astronomical labelling. See BOX and  SET SEXAGESIMAL.
        WEDGE command enhanced.
      Mar 1995: Pie charts possibility with ELLIPSE /ARC.
      Oct  1994:  Support array variables as X \& Y coordinates in DRAW com-
        mand.  CHARACTER array variables are  also  supported  in  DRAW TEXT
        command.  Supports CHARACTER arrays for coordinates in the /USER AB-
        SO option.  See DRAW.
      Sep 1994: Option /FILL to command  BOX  to  have  really  nice  colour
        plots. See BOX.

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