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    Converts  a  disk FITS image in a GILDAS image.  A disk FITS image is an
    2880 bytes per block file conforming to FITS standard for  the  informa-
    tion  written  in  the blocks.  Such disk FITS images can be produced by
    other packages (e.g.  AIPS).  This task is intended for a single  image.
    For many images, use the command SIC\DEFINE FITS.

    Images  are  assumed  to  have  at most 4 axis. FITS_GILDAS also handles
    UVFIT data.

    Conversion for FITS to GILDAS data format is not necessary: "on-the-fly"
    conversion  of  FITS files into GILDAS images is automatically attempted
    by all GILDAS programs and tasks. This conversion  creates  a  temporary
    GILDAS  image  (of  extension  .fits.gdf) which is normally deleted upon
    completion. However, this "on-the-fly" conversion will fail if the  FITS
    keywords are highly non-standard.

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