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        [GTVL\]ZOOM [X1 X2 Y1 Y2 | OFF]

    The command ZOOM opens or closes a new window which displays  a  smaller
    region  of  the current plot. Each plot can have its own zooming window.
    It will be reused by subsequent calls to the command ZOOM.

    Without arguments, ZOOM calls the cursor to  define  the  viewing  area.
    This  area  will be defined by its center (at the cursor position) and a
    zooming factor (by steps of 1.414):
       Z       Increase the zooming factor
       -       Decrease it
       0       Reset it
       E       Exits from the routine
    These commands do not produce effective zooming, press the space bar  to
    do  it. For X11 displays, you may use the mouse buttons for the commands
    <Space> (left mouse button), Z (middle mouse button), and E (right mouse

    ZOOM X1 X2 Y1 Y2 can  be used to define the viewing area by a non-inter-
    active mean. The values must be in paper units (cm).

    Use ZOOM OFF to close the zoom window of the current plot, if any.

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