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        [GTVL\]HARDCOPY [/DEVICE Name [Attributes]]

    The /DEVICE option argument specifies which type of device will be used.
    The other arguments passed after the device name can modify the  harcopy
    attributes.  Several attributes can be combined. Allowed devices and at-
    tributes are:

      PS (PostScript): the plot is automatically rotated and scaled  on  the
              hardcopy physical page.
        GREY  PostScript  with fixed greyscale transfer function for bitmap.
        COLOR PostScript with user controlled color transfer function.  This
              is the default.
        FAST  PostScript  with  hardware pen thickness handling. Clipping of
              wide pens may be inaccurate. This is not the default.

      EPS (Encapsulated PostScript): As PS, with  the  BoundingBox  computed
              from  the plot boundaries rather than from the Plot Page size.
              The plot is NOT rotated neither scaled to the hardcopy  physi-
              cal  size  by  default. Use the option /FITPAGE to enable this
        GREY  Same as PS.
        COLOR Same as PS.
        FAST  Same as PS.

      PNG (Portable Network Graphics): create a bitmap representation of the
              GreG  plot.  The  size of the PNG can be tuned with the option
        GREY  Same as PS
        COLOR Same as PS
        WHITE PNG with white background and black foreground.  This  is  the
        BLACK PNG with black background and white foreground.
        TRANSPARENT  PNG  with transparent background. This is not exclusive
              with WHITE and BLACK attributes, i.e. "TRANSPARENT BLACK" cre-
              ates  a  PNG with transparent background and white foreground.
              Transparency is not activated by default.
        NOBLANK Blanked pixels will not be drawn, i.e.  they  will  use  the
              background  color  (white, black, or transparent) or they will
              let you see previous drawings made behind.
        CROPPED the GreG plot is expanded to fit exactly to the best PNG di-
              mensions,  and the other PNG dimension is shrinked to leave no

      SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): create a vectorial  representation  of
              the GreG plot (except for images) in the SVG format.

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