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        [GTVL\]HARDCOPY  [File] [/DEVICE Name [Attributes]] [/PRINT Printer]
    [/DIRECTORY DirName] [/GEOMETRY  Sizex[Unitx]  Sizey[Unity]]  [/FITPAGE]

    Creates  (and  optionally send to a printer) a "hardcopy" of the current

    The default behaviour is to scale the GreG PLOT_PAGE (centimeters)  into
    the output physical page. This can be overriden with the two options:
    - /EXACT: 1 cm on the GreG PLOT_PAGE will be 1 cm on the hardcopy physi-
      cal page, for devices for which it makes sense,
    - /FITPAGE: the plot will be automatically rotated and  scaled  to  make
      the  best  use  of  the  hardcopy physical page. The option /PRINT im-
      plicitely enables this feature. See subtopic for details.
    These two options are exclusive.

    The /DEVICE option argument specifies which  type  of  plotter  will  be
    used.  See  the  subtopic /DEVICE for a list of the allowed devices. The
    other arguments passed to this option can modify the attributes  of  the
    hardcopy.  If the option is not used, the harcopy device defaults to the
    content of the SIC logical GAG_HARDCOPY.

    The /DIRECTORY option allows to specify which GTV  directory  should  be
    sent to the hardcopy. Without this option, default is current directory.

    The /PRINT option is used to force immediate printing  and,  optionally,
    to  control  which  printer should be used. Printer is the printer name,
    which defaults to the content of the SIC logical GAG_PRINTER. The print-
    ing  command  is  ruled  by the SIC logical GAG_LPR. If no file name was
    specified for an immediate printing, the metacode file is deleted  after
    print completion, otherwise it is kept.


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