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        [GREG2\]RGMAP /GREY [start [step] [background]]

    On graphic displays with area filling capabilities, fills contours  with
    up to 16 different color pens (but the number of contours is not limited
    to 16). These pen colors may be changed in the same manner  as  for  the
    pixels  colors  (see HELP LUT /PEN). "start" (default 0) and "step" (de-
    fault 1) may be used to change the exploration of  the  16-pen  palette.
    "background"  is  the number of a color used to fill the map before con-
    tour-filling, thus providing a user-defined background for the  contour-
    filled map.

    In  case  of  Filling  problems, see the subtopic MEMORY_OPTIONS of this

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