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        [GREG2\]CONVERT  A0  D0  [Angle] [/TYPE Ptype] [/UNIT Unit] [/SYSTEM
    EQU|GAL [Epoch]] [/VAR Var_X Var_Y]

    This command assumes that the X,Y buffers (or the  1-D  variables  Var_X
    and  Var_Y if option /VAR is used) contain data in the specified projec-
    tion (or in absolute spherical coordinates if Ptype is NONE) in the giv-
    en  angular  unit  (Degree Minute Seconds or the default Radian), in the
    specified System (GALACTIC or EQUATORIAL with default epoch 2000.0,  de-
    fault is current system) and converts them to the current system, as de-
    fined by SET SYSTEM, and projection, as defined by  command  PROJECTION.
    Note  that  the projected coordinates are always natural units (i.e. the
    equivalent of Radians after projection). There is no provision for "hid-
    den" parts which are treated exactly as visible ones.

    A0  D0  are Hours and Degrees if the input system is EQUATORIAL, Degrees

    CAUTION: when using variables, the Var_X and Var_Y arrays  MUST  BE  RE-
    AL*8, and WRITEABLE (see HELP DEFINE).

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