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        [GREG1\]VALUES [Array_X Array_Y [Array_Z]] [/BLANKING Bval [Eval]]

    With no argument, VALUES writes (in the shortest  possible  format)  the
    values of the Z array at the (X,Y) positions in the box. Three X Y Z ar-
    rays can be specified explicitly instead, e.g. in a context of a  (coor-
    dinate,coordinate,intensity) map.

    With  two  X Y arguments, VALUES writes the values of the Y array at the
    (X,Y) positions, e.g. in a context of a (abscissa,intensity) profile.

    The current character size, expansion factor and fonts  are  used.  Only
    points inside the current box are written, but the labels may still span
    over the box itself.

    Blanking (if any) applies to the plotted values (Y or Z if 2 or 3  argu-
    ments  resp.).  Global  blanking  values (SET BLANKING) can be overriden
    with the option /BLANKING.

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