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        [GREG1\]SET MARKER Nsides Mstyle Size Orien

    Sets the marker type to a polygon of Nsides, of style Mstyle  (0-3)  and
    size Size physical units.
        Nsides=0,1 Dots ; Nsides=2 Bar ; Nsides=3 Triangle ...
        Mstyle=0  Convex  polygon  ;  Mstyle=1  Vertex  connected ; Mstyle=2
        Starred polygon, and Mstyle=3 Filled polygon (Only for Nsides >= 3)

    The default is Nsides=0 Mstyle=0 Size=0 and Orientation 0 (Points, opti-
    mized algorithm). The Orientation is used to plot the marker (e.g. Hori-
    zontal bar for MARKER 2 0 * 0.0, and vertical bar for same marker MARKER
    2 0 * 90.0).

    A * instead of a numerical value indicate to keep the last value.

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