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        [GREG1\]POINTS [Xarray Yarray] [/BLANKING Bval [Eval]] [/SIZE Zvalue
    [Zarray [Exponent]]] [/MARKER SidesArray StyleArray]

    Makes points of the current style (MARKER), size  (MARKER  and  EXPAND),
    and orientation (ORIENTATION) at the X and Y coordinates read by COLUMN,
    or in the variables Xarray and Yarray.

    With the option /SIZE, followed by a real value Zvalue, POINTS will draw
    markers of sizes governed by the values of the Z array (or of the Zarray
    if specified). Points with Z value equal to Zvalue will have a marker of
    size  the  current marker size. All other markers will have an AREA pro-
    portional to the Z value at each point (i.e. marker radius at X(i)  Y(i)
    proportional  to the square root of Z(i); this power law exponent can be
    changed by specifying an additional argument to option /SIZE).  If Zval-
    ue  is equal to zero, the program uses the maximum absolute value of the
    Z array instead.

    The /BLANKING option can be used to override the  current  blanking  be-
    haviour, as defined by SET BLANKING command. If Eval (defined by /BLANK-
    ING or SET BLANKING) is null or positive, blanking is enabled. If  /SIZE
    is used, blanking applies to the Z (or Zarray) values, e.g. in a context
    of a (coordinate,coordinate,intensity) map. If /SIZE is not used, blank-
    ing applies to the Y (or Yarray) values, e.g. in a context of a (abscis-
    sa,intensity) profile.

    The /MARKER option can be used to specify a different  marker  sidedness
    and style for each data point.

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