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    Selects  virtual pen N and defines its attributes in terms of colour (if
    supported by the device), dashed pattern and weight (thickness).  Up  to
    16  pens  can be defined (0-15). Most plotting commands uses the current
    pen. The major exception is RGMAP which uses the pen 0 (solid and  fore-
    ground  color by default) and 15 (dotted and blue by default). Some com-
    mands also ignore the dashed patterns, in particular all labels and  the
    BOX command.
      - The dashed pattern D must be in range 1 to 7, 1 means solid lines.
      - The weight factor W must be in range 1 to 5.
      - The  colour index C is an integer in range -1 to 23. The colors 0 to
        7 are FIXED, the last 16 are user-definable, the color -1 means  in-
        version. See the topic COLORS for more information on pen colors.
    PENCIL N /DEFAULT reset default attributes to Pen number N.  PENCIL /DE-
    FAULT reset default attributes for all Pens, as defined at program  ini-


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