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The SicStructure class

The only purpose of the SicStructure instances is to be objects that accept user-defined attributes (as for SIC structures actually). The definition of the SicStructure class is rather simple. It is instantiated by the SicStructure() creator with the SIC structure name and level as only arguments, which are stored in its __sicname__ and __siclevel__ attributes.

This empty instance in then filled by the get() function: it loops through all SIC variable dictionary and searches for all names which begin with the structure name. For each valid variable it get()'s it as a SicVar attribute of the SicStructure instance. SicStructures support nested structures, as user or program can define any kind of attributes (SicVar, SicStructure, or even standard Python objects).

For user convenience, the __str__() method (called by print myinstance or str(myinstance)) of the SicStructure class is redefined to print all (and only) SicVar and SicStructure attributes, with some details on them.

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