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The HELP file

A standard help file should be prepared for each task. The format follows that of SIC help files. Topics are identified by a ``1'' in first column, and subtopics by a ``2''. The help file must start with the task name as main topic, and must have a subtopic for each parameter. More subtopics may exist. The help file must be in the same place as the executable image, and have file type .hlp. For the example above, combine.hlp contains


     It makes "combinations" of two input images to  produce  a  third
one.   The two input images may have the same dimensions, or the first
one (Z one) may have less dimensions than the second (Y) one.  In  the
latter case, combinations will occur for all the extra planes of the Y
image.  For example you can divide all the plane of an input  (Y)  3-D
cube  by  a 2-D (Z) image, provided each plane of the cube matches the
single image...

     Operations are
        ADD             X = Ay*Y + Az*Z + C
        MULTIPLY        X = Ay*Y * Az*Z + C
        DIVIDE          X = Ay*Y / Az*Z + C
provided Y > Ty and Z > Tz, where Ty and Tz and thresholds
set by parameters YMIN$ and ZMIN$.

2  Z_NAME$
This is the  name  of  the  input  map  with  the  smaller  number  of
This is a scaling factor for map Z_NAME$.
2  Z_MIN$
This is a threshold on map Z_NAME$.
2  Y_NAME$
This is  the  name  of  the  input  map  with  the  larger  number  of
This is a scaling factor for map Y_NAME$.
2  Y_MIN$
This is a threshold on map Y_NAME$.
2  X_NAME$
This is the name of the output map.
This is the blanking value chosen for the output map.
This is an offset added to the output map.
Selected operation.  Possible operations are ADD, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE  (Y
by Z).

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