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Immediate Routines

The following routines do not use the SIC command line interpretor. They are essentially internal GREG routines made available to the user, and are thus very efficient to use. As above, they have a KIND=4 and a KIND=8 version.

For optimization purposes, these routines do not include any explicit segmentation of the plot. In order to be consistent with the philosophy of the interactions between GREG and the GTVIRT graphic library, you must enclose a set of calls to the immediate routines between a call to GR_SEGM and GR_OUT. Ex:

     CALL GR_SEGM('Nom',ERROR)  ! Close current graphic segment and open
                                ! a new one
     CALL GR4_CONNECT (...)     ! Fill this segment with plot coordinates
     CALL GR4_MARKER (...)      ! etc..
     CALL GR_OUT                ! Make the segment visible on screen


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