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This subroutine passes a two-Dimensional array to GREG as the Regular Grid array used for mapping.

        NX,NY   Integers, array dimensions
        CONV    Real(KIND=8) array of dimension 6
                It contains respectively
                CONV(1) Reference pixel in X (First dimension of R)
                CONV(2) X User coordinate value at CONV(1)
                CONV(3) X User coordinate increment per pixel (may be negative)
                CONV(4)-CONV(6) same as above for Y (Second dimension of R)
        R       REAL   array (NX,NY) to be transferred.
If R is Real(KIND=4), the array is not physically copied but its address is computed by GREG for later use. GREG will not modify anything in it. If of type Real(KIND=8), virtual memory is allocated to create a Real(KIND=4) array of same dimensions.

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