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UNIX systems

To be updated with current information on architecture under Linux

To access GREG from your Fortran Program, you need to link to several libraries. All GREG libraries are located in $GAG_ROOT/lib where $GAG_ROOT is an environment variable defining where the GILDAS software is located. See your local GILDAS expert for that.

Then you should use the following link command to link your program

        f77 -o Program Program.f -L/usr/lib/X11 -L$GAG_ROOT/lib \
        -lgdf -lGREG -lcontour -lgtlang -lchar -lsic -limage -lgag -lrary \
        -lX11 -lm -lc

        f77              is the Fortran compiler/linker
        Program.f        is your Fortran program.
        /usr/lib/X11     indicates where the X11 libraries are located
        -lm -lc          are required on some systems
On some systems, the GREG libraries are shareable, thus avoiding code to be included in your own programs.

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