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From a Program

A complete and efficient use of the GILDAS format from a program is beyond the scope of this chapter : refer to the programmer's guide for that. There is however a simple and easy-to-use subroutine that accepts a Fortran array and writes a GILDAS image. The price for simplicity is that only minimal header information is written: many useful stuff like World coordinates, Blanking value, and so on, will be missing. With this restriction, you can simply write a Fortran array in GILDAS format using the routine GDF_IMAGE.


Where the arguments are
     NAME   C*(*)   the GILDAS file name
     NX     I       the number of pixels in the first dimension
     NY     I       the number of pixels in the second dimension
     NZ     I       the number of pixels in the third dimension
     NT     I       the number of pixels in the fourth dimension
     Z      R*4     the array of dimensions NZ,NY,NZ,NT
     ERROR  L       a logical error flag (Output)

If you need more complete information, refer to the programmers guide. You may also later modify the file header using command HEADER in GRAPHIC, or through the SIC variables defined by commands DEFINE HEADER or DEFINE IMAGE.

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