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        CLIC\DUMP arguments [/PLOT]

    A debugging command that lists a certain number of informations  on  the
    last read observation.

      -  DUMP  HEADER argument: lists a certain number of informations about
        the observation header.  Argument may be ALL, HEADER, GENERAL, POSI-
        LINE (with optional argument 'iband', dump  only  subband  'iband'),
        SCANNING,  IC (Instrumental calibration), AIC (Antenna-based Instru-
        mental calibration), PC (RF  Passband  calibration),  APC  (Antenna-
        based RF Passband calibration), DD (Data Descriptor), WVR (Water Va-
        por radiometer), PHASES.

      - DUMP DATA: lists the data associated parameters.

      - DUMP FILE: lists information about the input and output files.

      - DUMP INDEX: lists information about the current index.

      - DUMP VIRTUAL: gives  the  virtual  memory  and  paging  file quotas.

      - DUMP SIZE: gives the values of a number of key variables that define
        the size of the problem.

      - DUMP CONTINUUM: dumps the continuum data.

      -  DUMP LINE c1 c2:  dumps the spectral data from channel  c1  to  c2.
        DUMP LINE c1 c2 /PLOT  will  plot  the  spectral data amplitude as a
        function of channel number.

    DUMP DATA, DUMP CONTINUUM and DUMP LINE will return the  phase-corrected
    or  uncorrected  data,  depending on the last SET PHASE ATM or SET PHASE
    NOATM command issued.

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