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        UV Table format

    A UV table is a file in the Gildas Data Format, of  dimension  2.   Each
    column corresponds to a visibility data point. Lines contain respective-

      1.  U in meters
      2.  V in meters
      3.  W in meters
      4.  Observation date (integer CLIC Day Number)
      5.  Time in seconds since above date
      6.  Number of start antenna
      7.  Number of end antenna
      8.  First frequency point (real part)
      9.  First frequency point (imaginary part)
      10.  First frequency point (weight)
      11.  Same for second frequency point, and so on.

    See the SET WEIGHT command to select the weighting mode .  The first di-
    mension  is  then  the  3 * Nchan + 7, for Nchan frequency channels. The
    second dimension is the number of UV points measured.

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