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    Selects  the  way  the weights written in the output file by the command
    TABLE are computed.

    Weights are always proportional to observing time.

    With TSYS ON, data is also weighted by  1/TSYS**2,  where  TSYS  is  the
    equivalent  system  temperature (the geometrical mean of system tempera-
    ture of both antennas, for a given baseline). With TSYS OFF, this weight
    factor is turned off.

    With CALIBRATION ON, data is also weighted by 1/CAL**2, where CAL is the
    amplitude instrumental calibration factor (if any).  If no amplitude in-
    strumental  calibration  function  is applied (absolute amplitude), this
    weighting should have no effect. With CALIBRATION OFF, weights  are  not
    affected by amplitude calibration.

    Default is TSYS ON and CALIBRATION ON, which results in weights equal to
    1/sigma^2, where sigma is the thermal noise in the data.

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