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The following subroutines have to be used to declare user's find subroutine:

The calling sequence of the user's find routines must be of the following form:

subroutine userfind(arg,narg,error)
  integer(kind=4),  intent(in)    :: narg       ! Number of arguments
  character(len=*), intent(in)    :: arg(narg)  ! Arguments
  logical,          intent(inout) :: error      ! Logical error flag
subroutine userfix(version,found,error)
  integer(kind=4), intent(in)    :: version  ! The version of the data
  logical,         intent(out)   :: found    ! Selected or not selected?
  logical,         intent(inout) :: error    ! Logical error flag
The name of these subroutines is free.

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