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        LAS\BOX [Arg1] [Arg2] [Arg3] [Arg4] [/UNIT  Type  [UPPER]]  [/INDEX]

    BOX  draws  a frame for the spectra. The units and limits are determined
    according to the options of the SET command (SET MODE ; SET  UNIT),  and
    the box size governed by SET BOX.

    Arg1(2)  modify the labelling of the lower (left) axis
             = P for parallel   labels (default for X axis)
             = O for orthogonal labels (default for Y axis)
             = N for no labels
    Arg3     indicates that the ticks are In or Out ofthe box
    Arg4     controls the labelling of the upper X axis and
             may have the same values as Arg1 or 2 (P, O, N).

    The default is BOX P O I

        If  present, it modifies (with no permanent action) the units of the
        X axis, or only of the upper X axis if UPPER is specified. Type  may
        be  also IMAGE to get image-side-band frequency units. For Continuum
        data, the /UNIT command has no effect, but the unit is controlled by
        the  SET  ANGLE  command.  /INDEX produces a box suited for 2D color
        plot with a wedge (the Y-left axis gives the number of spectra).

        Plot a box for a single spectrum.

        Plot a box suited for 2D display: Y axis is the  temperature  scale,
        and  Z  axis  is the observation number. All three axis (X, Y and Z)
        may be defined by using the SET MODE command.

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