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        LAS\AVERAGE  [/RESAMPLE  [NX  Xref  Xval   Xinc   Unit]]   [/NOCHECK
        LAS\AVERAGE /2010 [/NOMATCH]

    AVERAGE  /2010  uses  the old (obsolescent) averaging engine (as of year
    2010). The only option allowed in this mode is /NOMATCH.

    Average all the spectra of the current index using the current weighting
    function  (see  SET WEIGHT). The spectra are added channel by channel by
    default, if possible. Else the option /RESAMPLE  must  be  invoked  (see
    subtopic for details).

    Bad  channels are handled according to SET BAD. A sum may be interrupted
    by <^C>, but the result is then undefined.

    The command checks the consistency of the index, in particular the posi-
    tional   coincidence   and  calibration  homogeneity  according  to  SET
    [NO]MATCH and SET CALIBRATION respectively. The option  /NOCHECK  allows
    to  disable  some (using one or several names) or all (no name given) of
    these checks.

    AVERAGE also works on Continuum drift. The alignement may be Channel  or
    Position in this case.


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