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K and L

E-KEEP, Input file must equal output file
ANALYSE, KEEP command. The KEEP command does an update of the spectrum, and the input and output files must be identical for this.
User action : open the input file as the output file and retry, or use the WRITE command.
I-KEEP, Observation <Integer>;<Integer> successfully updated
ANALYSE, KEEP command, information message.
E-KSHELL, Wrong Arguments : <Real>
ANALYSE, GAUSS or FIT commands with method SHELL. The minimization algorithm produced an invalid solution.
User action : This also means that the fit is not converged. Restart it with different input parameters.
E-LAS, <String> Not yet implemented
LAS or ANALYSE languages, You are trying to use an undocumented, unimplemented command.
User action : Don't
W-LAS, Save file could not be opened
LAS, SAVE command. The output file could not be opened, may be because of an exceeded disk quota, or invalid file name.
User action : check the disk quota (and space) and the file name and retry.
E-LINES, Error opening guess file <String>
ANALYSE, LINES command. The input file for guesses could not be opened. This message is followed by more details about the precise reason of the open failure. React accordingly.
E-LINES, Error reading guesses from <String>
ANALYSE, LINES command. The input file specified for guesses contains invalid data.
User action : check the input file format.
E-LINES, Invalid number of lines
ANALYSE, LINES command. The user specified either a negative number of lines or too many lines.
E-LINES, Not implemented for Continuum method.
ANALYSE, LINES command has no action for Continuum method.
W-LINES, Null area found, use manual mode
ANALYSE, LINES command. The area found in cursor mode is zero, may be because you forgot to move cursor between the two edges...
User action : Try to give slightly different boundaries with the cursor, or use the manual mode (/NOCURSOR) as suggested.
W-LINES, Use of cursor with dependant or fixed lines not supported
ANALYSE, LINES command. The user is using the cursor to specify input values, but the flags indicate that some parameters are fixed or dependent.
User action : It is not forbidden to use the cursor in such a case, but the user should realized that the guesses will always be those found by the cursor routine, superseding any previous value (unless a slash / is typed in the cursor routine).
I-LISTE, Input file is empty
I-LISTE, Input file contains
I-LISTE, Output file is empty
I-LISTE, Output file contains
I-LISTE, Current index is empty
I-LISTE, Current index :
LAS, LIST command, information messages
I-LISTE, List on file <String>
LAS, LIST command, information message specifying to which file the listing has been sent.

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