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        EXPERIMENTAL\VARIABLE Section1 [Section2 ...] [/MODE READ|WRITE|OFF]

    VARIABLE /INDEX will read (from file) and save (in memory) in Sic arrays
    the  named  sections of all entries in the current index. The Sic arrays
    will be available in the structure IDX%HEAD%, under each named  section.
    Any  further  call to FIND and DROP (i.e. commands which modify the cur-
    rent index) will destroy the Sic arrays. For  efficiency  purpose,  they
    are not recreated implicitly, the command VARIABLE /INDEX must be called
    again instead.

    VARIABLE USER /INDEX will load the user section for all entries, if  the
    associated  hooks  to  the command are declared in Class. The Sic arrays
    will be available in the structure IDX%USER%<owner>%<title>%

    The option /MODE indicates to  create  read-only  (READ)  or  read-write
    (WRITE)  variables.  The  keyword  OFF  will delete the variables of the
    named sections and free their associated memory. WRITE is not allowed on
    /INDEX arrays.

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