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        ANALYSE\TABLE Filename [OLD|NEW] [/MATH Expression1 ... ExpressionN]
    [/RANGE rmin rmax unit] [/RESAMPLE Nc Ref Val Inc Unit [Shape]  [Width]]

    Build a GILDAS table from current index entries. No  gridding  is  done.
    This  table  may be then regridded on a Regular Grid to build a datacube
    for further use in GREG.

      OLD     Append to table 'filename'
      NEW     Create a new table

        Compute one or more mathematical expressions instead  of  storing  a
        spectrum.  See subtopic FUNCTIONS for a list of available functions.

        By default, the whole X axis is stored in the GILDAS table. A  range
        can be imposed, in which case the unit must be specified.

        By default, the spectra are resampled, on-the-fly while building the
        TABLE, on the first spectrum X axis. This option allows  to  enforce
        that  resampling  is done on the given X axis. See HELP RESAMPLE for
        possible uses and caveats.

        To specify that resampling is done in time domain.

        To change the line name and/or the rest frequency.

        By default, the consistency of the index is checked against  SOURCE,
        POSITION, LINE and SPECTROSCOPY parameters (see LAS\CONSISTENCY) be-
        fore building the table. If the SPECTROSCOPY section appears  incon-
        sistent,  the spectra are resampled on-the-fly on the first spectrum
        X axis. Other sources of inconsistency are not recoverable  and  the
        table  is  not  built. This option without keyword allows to disable
        all consistency checks. With keyword(s), disable  the  corresponding

       1.  /MATH, /RANGE and /RESAMPLE are exclusive
       2.  Continuum data not supported


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