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        ANALYSE\SMOOTH [Arg...]

    SMOOTH  copies R into T, then degrades the frequency/velocity resolution
    of R. The arguments are used to specify the method :
      - HANNING (default)
        The new spectrum has twice less channels and twice less  resolution.

      - AUTO
        Uses a cross-validation smoothing with automatic choice of smoothing
        parameter.  To be used with caution. Noise in adjacent channels must
        be  independant,  otherwise  the  algorithm flatly refuses to do any
        smoothing at all  (but  needs  a  long  computing  time  to  realise

      - GAUSS Width
        Convolves  (by multiplication in the Fourier plane) by a gaussian of
        specified width in current units.

      - BOX Ncan
        Averages Ncan adjacent channels to produce a spectrum with Ncan less
        resolution and channels.

      - NOISE Flux Nc
        For  each channel, sums at most Nc neighbouring channels until a to-
        tal flux Flux is reached in the sum.  Then  attributes  the  average
        value (sum divided by number of channels added) to the channel. This
        smoothing is non-uniform, strictly positive, and has an obvious ten-
        dency to produce wings...

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