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    Read the spectra cube stored in input Filename and convert it in  a  set
    of  spectra  automatically  written in the currently opened output file.
    The spectra cube can be ordered in LMV, VLM, LVM, etc... FITS files  are
    automatically converted.

    By  default, the command sorts the spectra to mimic the scanning path of
    a telescope along the lambda direction, shifted on beta for  each  scan.
    Each  constant beta row has a unique SCAN number. The sorting can be ro-
    tated by 90 degree by using the /SCAN BETA option.

    Fully blanked spectra in the input cube are ignored. If the cube spatial
    axes are largely oversampled, the /STEP option allows the user to select
    1 spectrum every DLAMBDA (resp. DBETA) in the  LAMBDA  direction  (resp.
    BETA). If DBETA is omitted, it defaults to DLAMBDA. The default value of
    DLAMBDA and DBETA (if the /STEP option is not invoked) is 1, implying  a
    conversion of the whole cube.

    User should take care that many parameters of the CLASS spectrum headers
    have no meaning here. They are left to their default values.

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