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        LAS\STITCH  [/RESAMPLE NX Xref Xval Xinc Unit] [/NOCHECK [SOURCE|PO-

    Stitch (i.e. make the union of) all the spectra of the current index us-
    ing the current weighting function (see SET WEIGHT). The command behaves
    like AVERAGE /RESAMPLE except it ignores the SET ALIGN status  and  com-
    poses the spectra on the signal frequency axis. Use the option /IMAGE to
    compose them on the image frequency axis.

    Bad channels are handled according to SET BAD. A sum may be  interrupted
    by <^C>, but the result is then undefined.

    The command checks the consistency of the index, in particular the posi-
    tional  coincidence  and  calibration  homogeneity  according   to   SET
    [NO]MATCH  and  SET CALIBRATION respectively. The option /NOCHECK allows
    to disable some (using one or several names) or all (no name  given)  of
    these checks.


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