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        LAS\SET WINDOW [wl1 wu1 [wl2 wu2 [...]]] [/VAR array]
                    [/POLYGON [N] [filename1...filenameN]]

    Defines one or several line windows to be avoided by BASE when fitting a
    baseline. If available, the cursor will be used to specify missing argu-
    ments, unless option /NOCURSOR is present. When using the cursor, enter:
    N  (or Left mouse button) to enter a value, C (or Middle button) to can-
    cel the last entry, H for help, E  (or  Right  button)  for  exit.   The
    boundaries are in current unit. There is no default.

    SET WINDOW /POLYGON [N] [filename1...filenameN]
      Define  the  spectral window(s) through polygon(s). N is the number of
      polygons. If filenames are present, polygons are red from these files.
      If  not,  they are defined interactively with the cursor, and saves in
      files 'i'.pol, where 'i' is the number of the polygon.

    SET WINDOW /VAR win_array
      Define the window from rank 1 array  win_array[1+2*NWIND].  The  array
      must be of the following form:
        win_array[1]=NWIND      number of windows
        win_array[2*i:2*i+1]    boundaries of window num. 'i'

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