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        LAS\SET VARIABLE Section_Name [Keyword]

    Declare SIC variables corresponding to section of the header  of  the  R
    observation.  The  header sections are POSITION, SPECTRO, BASE, HISTORY,
    BEAM,  and  CONTINUUM. Defining these SIC variables allows to access the
    header for mathematical computations using SIC facilities. All variables
    are declared as readonly, unless Keyword WRITE is specified as third ar-
    gument.  If Keyword OFF is specified, the  corresponding  SIC  variables
    are  deleted  (to  save space since the total number of SIC variables is

    The SIC variables have the name of the corresponding FORTRAN  variables.
    They are defined below:

                  SECTIONS Information about present sections
    LOGICAL       R%HEAD%PRESEC(ISEC)  [   ] List of present sections
    Codes for ISEC can be found in CLASS%CODE%SEC%.

                  GENERAL General parameters, always present:
    INTEGER*8     R%HEAD%GEN%NUM    [     ] Observation number
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%VER    [     ] Version number
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%GEN%TELES  [     ] Telescope name
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%GEN%CDOBS  [  day] Date of observation
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%GEN%CDRED  [  day] Date of reduction
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%TYPEC  [ code] Type of coordinates
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%KIND   [ code] Type of data
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%QUAL   [ code] Quality of data
    INTEGER*8     R%HEAD%GEN%SCAN   [     ] Scan number
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%GEN%UT     [  rad] UT of observation
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%GEN%ST     [  rad] LST of observation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%AZ     [  rad] Azimuth
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%EL     [  rad] Elevation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%TAU    [neper] Opacity
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%TSYS   [    K] System temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%TIME   [    s] Integration time
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%XUNIT  [ code] X unit, if X coordinate section is p
    Codes  for  TYPEC, KIND, QUAL and XUNIT can be found in SIC%CODE%COORD%,

                         POSITION Position information:
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%POS%SOURC  [    ] Source name
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POS%EPOCH  [code] Epoch of coordinates
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%LAM    [ rad] Lambda
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%BET    [ rad] Beta
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POS%LAMOF  [ rad] Offset in Lambda
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POS%BETOF  [ rad] Offset in Beta
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%POS%PROJ   [code] Projection system
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%SL0P   [ rad] Lambda of descriptive system
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%SB0P   [ rad] Beta of descriptive system
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%SK0P   [ rad] Angle of descriptive system
    Codes for PROJ can be found in SIC%CODE%PROJ%.

                SPECTRO Spectroscopic information (for spectra)
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%SPE%LINE     [    ] Line name
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%RESTF    [ MHz] Rest frequency
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%IMAGE    [ MHz] Image frequency
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SPE%NCHAN    [    ] Number of channels
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%RCHAN    [    ] Reference channels
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%FRES     [ MHz] Frequency resolution
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%FOFF     [km/s] Frequency offset
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%VRES     [km/s] Velocity resolution
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%VOFF     [km/s] Velocity at reference channel
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SPE%BAD      [    ] Blanking value
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SPE%VTYPE    [code] Type of velocity
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%DOPPLER  [    ] Doppler factor = -V/c (CLASS conven
    Codes for VTYPE can be found in SIC%CODE%VELO%.

               BASE Baseline information (for spectra of drifts)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%BAS%DEG            [      ] Degree of last baseline
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%SIGFI          [     K] Sigma
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%AIRE           [] Area under windows
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%BAS%NWIND          [      ] Number of line windows
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%W1(MWIND)      [  km/s] Lower limits of windows
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%W2(MWIND)      [  km/s] Upper limits of windows
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%SINUS(3)       [      ] Sinus baseline result
    REAL*4        WINDOW(FOUND,1+2*RNWIND)  [  km/s] 2D plots: window for each r

                  HISTORY Scan numbers of initial observations
    PARAMETER     MSEQ=100
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%HIS%NSEQ         [   ] Number of sequences
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%HIS%START(MSEQ)  [   ] Start scan number of seq.
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%HIS%END(MSEQ)    [   ] End   scan number of seq.

                         PLOT Default plotting limits.
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%AMIN   [   ] Min Y value plotted
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%AMAX   [   ] Max Y value plotted
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%VMIN   [   ] Min X value plotted
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%VMAX   [   ] Max X value plotted

             FSWITCH Frequency switching information (for spectra)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%FSW%NPHAS           [    ] Number of phases
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%FSW%SWMOD           [code] Switching mode (frequency, p
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%FSW%DECAL(MXPHAS)   [ MHz] Frequency offsets
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%DUREE(MXPHAS)   [   s] Time per phase
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%POIDS(MXPHAS)   [    ] Weight of each phase
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%LDECAL(MXPHAS)  [ rad] Lambda offsets
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%BDECAL(MXPHAS)  [ rad] Beta offsets of each phase
    Codes for SWMOD can be found in SIC%CODE%SWITCH%.

                       CALIBRATION Calibration parameters
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%BEEFF     [     ] Beam efficiency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%FOEFF     [     ] Forward efficiency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%GAINI     [     ] Image/Signal gain ratio
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%H2OMM     [   mm] water vapor
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%PAMB      [  hPa] Ambient pressure
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TAMB      [    K] Ambient temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TATMS     [    K] Atmosphere temp. signal band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TCHOP     [    K] Chopper temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TCOLD     [    K] Cold load temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TAUS      [neper] Opacity signal band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TAUI      [neper] Opacity image band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TATMI     [    K] Atmosphere temp. image band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TREC      [    K] Receiver temperature
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%CAL%CMODE     [ code] Calibration mode
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%ATFAC     [    K] Applied calibration factor (Tcal)
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%ALTI      [    m] Site elevation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%COUNT(3)  [count] Power of Atm., Chopp., Cold
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%LCALOF    [  rad] Longitude offset for sky measurem
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%BCALOF    [  rad] Latitude offset for sky measureme
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%CAL%GEOLONG   [  rad] Geographic longitude of observato
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%CAL%GEOLAT    [  rad] Geographic latitude of observator
    Codes for CMODE can be found in CLASS%CODE%CALIB%.

              SKYDIP For Skydips observations. No associated data.
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SKY%SREST        [MHz] Rest frequency
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SKY%SIMAG        [MHz] Image frequency
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SKY%NSKY         [   ] Number of points on sky
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SKY%NCHOP        [   ]    -   -    -    -  chopper
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SKY%NCOLD        [   ]    -   -    -    -  cold load
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%ELEV(MSKY)   [rad] Elevations
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%EMISS(MSKY)  [  ?] Power on sky
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%CHOPP(MSKY)  [  ?] Power on chopper
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%COLD(MSKY)   [  ?] Power on cold load

                GAUSS Gauss fit results (for spectra or drifts)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GAU%NLINE           [            ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%SIGBA           [   Int. unit] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%SIGRA           [   Int. unit] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%NFIT(3*MXGAUS)  [area,v0,fwhm] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%NERR(3*MXGAUS)  [area,v0,fwhm] Errors

            SHELL "Stellar shell" profile fit results (for spectra)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SHE%LSHEL             [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%BSHEL             [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%RSHEL             [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%NSHEL(MSHELLFIT)  [   ] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%ESHEL(MSHELLFIT)  [   ] Errors

           NH3 "Ammoniac and Hyperfine Structure" profile fit results
                             (for spectra, ex: NH3, HCN)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%NH3%LNH3           [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%BNH3           [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%RNH3           [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%NNH3(MHFSFIT)  [   ] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%ENH3(MHFSFIT)  [   ] Errors

            ABS "Hyperfine Structure" ABSORPTION profile fit results
                             (for spectra, ex: NH3, HCN)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%ABS%LABS           [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%BABS           [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%RABS           [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%NABS(MABSFIT)  [   ] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%EABS(MABSFIT)  [   ] Errors

                 DRIFT Continuum drift description (for drifts)
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%DRI%FREQ   [ MHz] Rest frequency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%WIDTH  [ MHz] Bandwidth
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%DRI%NPOIN  [    ] Number of data points
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%RPOIN  [    ] Reference point
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%TREF   [   ?] Time at reference
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%AREF   [rad?] Angular offset at ref.
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%APOS   [rad?] Position angle of drift
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%TRES   [   ?] Time resolution
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%ARES   [rad?] Angular resolution
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%CBAD   [    ] Blanking value
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%DRI%CTYPE  [code] Type of offsets
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%DRI%CIMAG  [ MHz] Image frequency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%COLLA  [    ] Collimation error Az
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%COLLE  [    ] Collimation error El
    Codes for CTYPE can be found in SIC%CODE%COORD%.

             BEAM Beam-switching parameters (for spectra or drifts)
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%CAZIM  [ rad] Azimuth of observation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%CELEV  [ rad] Elevation of observation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%SPACE  [ rad] Beam spacing
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%BPOS   [ rad] Position angle of beams
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%BEA%BTYPE  [code] System for angle
    Codes for BTYPE can be found in SIC%CODE%COORD%.

        CONTINUUM Double gaussian and baseline fit results (for drifts)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%POI%LCONT           [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%BCONT           [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%RCONT           [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%NCONT(MPOIFIT)  [   ] Results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%ECONT(MPOIFIT)  [   ] Errors

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