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CLASS90 for beta testers

The current default version of CLASS is CLASS77. Soon enough, the default version will swap to CLASS90, i.e. users will have access directly to CLASS90 when calling CLASS from the shell prompt. There will be a warning that this is a new CLASS with modified features and that the old CLASS is still available through the CLASS77 name in case of a problem with CLASS90. CLASS77 will stay about one year after the swap to ensure good stability of CLASS90. However, no support will be given anymore to CLASS77.

Before the swap happens, you can become beta testers of CLASS90 if you are interested by the new features. Beta testers should be able to quickly get bug fixes in their version. We thus recommend they use anonymous CVS in the following way:

     1 shell-prompt> export
     2 shell-prompt> cvs co -r feb06 -d gildas-src-feb06 gildas
     3 shell-prompt> cd gildas-src-feb06
     4 shell-prompt> source admin/
     5 shell-prompt> make
     6 shell-prompt> make install
     7 shell-prompt> cd packages/class90
     8 shell-prompt> cvs up -r class90-stable
     9 shell-prompt> make clean
    10 shell-prompt> make
    11 shell-prompt> make install
Line 1 and 2 create a directory name gildas-src-feb06 with the feb06 ``stable'' monthly release. Lines 3 to 6 are the standard way to install GILDAS. As CLASS90 is evolving quickly, the CLASS90 version shipped in a GILDAS monthly release may be unstable. We thus recommend that you go to the CLASS90 directory (line 7), update it to a ``stable'' version (line 8), compile and install it (lines 9 to 11).

Beta testers also refer to the manual which is being fully updated. Bug reports and suggestions of improvements should be send to We will try to fix bugs quickly. We will consider the feasibility of all suggestions on longer timescales. When a bug is fixed, here are the steps to update CLASS90:

     1 shell-prompt> export
     2 shell-prompt> cd gildas-src-feb06
     3 shell-prompt> source admin/     
     4 shell-prompt> cd packages/class90
     5 shell-prompt> cvs up -r class90-stable
     6 shell-prompt> make
     7 shell-prompt> make install
Line 5 is the line which will update the class90 directory. Be sure to type it only in the
gildas-src-feb06/packages/class90 directory to ensure that only CLASS90 is updated because nothing ensure that other parts of GILDAS are ``stable'' between 2 monthly releases.

Have fun!

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