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Non-aligned spectra

When aligning the spectra by velocity or frequency (SET ALIGN VELOCITY|FREQUENCY), the input channels may not be aligned with the output ones (because of different resolutions or different abscissae at reference channels). A resampling must be performed in these cases. Fig. [*] shows a generic example where the channels have different size and are not aligned.

Figure: How the input spectra $R$ and $T$ are resampled into the intermediate spectra $R'$ and $T'$ resp. to match the desired output spectrum $S$ (general case). $R$ (resp. $T$) channels $j_{\ensuremath{\mathrm{min}}}$ to $j_{\ensuremath{\mathrm{max}}}$ (resp. $k_{\ensuremath{\mathrm{min}}}$ to $k_{\ensuremath{\mathrm{max}}}$) have a partial or total contribution to $S(i)$.
Image class-average-resampling


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