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The ACCUMULATE and AVERAGE commands perform many implicit features, and perform silently non-trivial computations. When writing the current document, the exhaustive check of all the combinations led to detect two remaining bugs in the internal resampling loop.

These first configurations were incorrect:

In this case a spectrum with a better resolution was overweighted during the resampling process by a factor $reso(resampled)/reso(input)$. This is not what user expects with an EQUAL weighting.

These other configurations were also incorrect:

With this bug, no data available in one spectrum could be synonymous of bad data in this spectrum. As a consequence a piece of the output spectrum was wrongly flagged as bad with the BAD OR contamination rule. This behaviour was different from the other modes where no data available in one spectrum implies to use data available in the other spectra.

These two bugs were fixed in the jul09 release of CLASS90.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01