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        [PDBI\] SELECT [PDBI|BURE] mode
        [ALMA\] SELECT ALMA|CYCLE mode

    Select the instrumental capabilities (receivers, correlators) to be con-

    For Bure (keyword can be PDBI or BURE), a year must  be  entered:  1995,
    2000, 2006 or 2010. They correspond to the upgrades of the receiver sys-
    tem (1995 and 2006) and of the correlator (2000,  2010).   "SELECT  BURE
    NOW" can also be used.

    For  ALMA  (keyword  can be ALMA or CYCLE), the cycle number must be en-
    tered (0, 1, ...). Any number larger than the current cycle  is  equiva-
    lent to "SELECT ALMA FULL" and points to the full ALMA capabilities.

    The command SELECT with no parameters will list the current defaults for
    Bure and ALMA.

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