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         [ASTRO\]TIME [time [date]] [/ZONE Z] [/UT1] [/TDT] [/NODRAW]

    Specify the time-date of computation. Time  is  normally  understood  as
    UTC; options /UT1 and /TDT may be used to change this to UT1 or TDT. The
    time format is HH:MM:SS.SSS, and the date format  is  DD-MMM-YYYY.  Time
    and date may be absent or replaced by an asterisk (*), which defaults to
    current system time.  Local civil time may be input instead of UTC, with
    the  option  /ZONE z, where z is the difference in hours between UTC and
    local civil time (use /ZONE 2 in western Europe in Summer, 1 in winter).

    By  default, if the sun is visible, a Sun Avoidance Circle (see HELP OB-
    SERVATORY) is plotted. It can be suppressed using  the  /NODRAW  option.
    Use HEADER to examine the value of the Sun Avoidance Circle.

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