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        [ASTRO\]PLANET [name] [/DRAW [argument]] [/QUIET]

    Compute  the  coordinates  of  a Solar System object. Known objects are:
    name  is  entered, all objects are selected. The Option /DRAW is used to
    plot the object symbol on the screen.

    The PLANET command output the planet coordinates (apparent RA,  apparent
    DEC,  Azimuth and Elevation at time of computation) and the sun distance
    (with a warning message if this distance os  lower  than  the  telescope
    limit).  PLANET also indicates the geocentric (DE) and heliocentric (DS)
    distances of the object (in AU), the apparent minor and major  diameters
    (Min and Maj in arcsec), the position angle of the central meridian (PA,
    east from north, in degrees), the brightness temperature (TB in K),  the
    flux  (S  in  Jy)  at the current frequency, the frequency (in GHz), the
    beam (in arcsec), the main beam temperature (Tmb in K),  the  associated
    flux (in Jy) and the planet size convolved with the telescope beam (size
    in arcsec).  The frequency can be entered by updating the variable  FRE-
    QUENCY  (in  GHz). The beam used in computation is available through the
    READONLY variable PRIMBEAM (in arcsec). User may  override  the  default
    used beam size by setting the BEAM variable to a non-zero value (in arc-

    All these parameters are also also written in SIC variables, in the  AS-
    TRO%PLANET%  structure.  Just  enter EXAMINE ASTRO%PLANET% to get a com-
    plete list of these variables. PLANET /QUIET suppresses all  the  print-
    outs on the screen.

    Arguments to PLANET /DRAW may be LINE, MARKER, SYMBOL, or FULL:
      LINE   will draw a line from the previously computed position
      MARKER will draw a marker (GreG style defined by GREG\SET MARKER)
              at the computed position
      SYMBOL will draw the planet's symbol at the computed position
      FULL   will combine MARKER and SYMBOL (the symbol will be offset
             one marker size above the computed position).
    Default  is  SYMBOL. If several arguments are given they will be used in

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