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        [ASTRO\]OBSERVATORY [longitude latitude altitude [radius]]
        [ASTRO\]OBSERVATORY [Name]

    Specify  an observatory by giving its geographic coordinates in degrees,
    and elevation in km above sea level. Caution: east longitudes are  posi-
    tive.  The fourth argument is the radius of the Sun avoidance circle, in
    degrees (default is 30 degrees).

    Example:  OBSERVATORY 44:23:12.0 +45:09:57.9 3.987 30.

    A number of observatories are pre-defined and can be  selected  directly
    be typing "OBSERVATORY Name". Type "OBSERVATORY ?" for the list of known

    Without argument, the observatory name is translated  from  the  GAG_AS-
    TRO_OBS logical name.

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