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Description of HERA, the IRAM-30m multi-pixels

HERA is a multi-pixel receiver working at 1 mm of wavelength. Each pixel is an heterodyne mixer using a SIS junction. There are nine pixels per polarization. The pixels of one polarization follow a $3\times3$ square pattern, the distance between two pixels being $\Delta = 24''$. Both polarizations are aligned. Hence, HERA has 18 pixels in total looking at 9 different sky position simultaneously. The polarizations of HERA can simultaneously be tuned at two different frequencies.

The number of used polarization, \ensuremath{n_\ensuremath{\mathrm{pol}}} can thus be set to 1 or 2 and the number of pixels per polarization is $\ensuremath{n_\ensuremath{\mathrm{pix}}}= 9$.

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