Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

  (SIMBAD class: Cl* = Cluster of Stars)
  Note:N=142 subclusters of stars in 17 MYStIX regions.
Use of UKIRT, 2MASS, and Spitzer observations. in source:NAME Orion Nebula in source:NAME FLAME Nebula = W 12 in source:W 40 in source:NAME Rosette Nebula in source:RCW 38 in source:RCW 36 in source:NGC 1983 in source:NGC 2264 in source:NGC 2362 in source:NGC 6334 in source:NGC 6357 in source:M 20 = Trifid Nebula in source:NGC 6530 = M 8 = Lagoon Nebula in source:M 17 = NGC 6618 in source:M 16 = Eagle Nebula = NGC 6611 in source:DR 21 in source:NAME Carina Nebula = NGC 3372 Ref:=2014ApJ...787..107K byKUHN M.A. , FEIGELSON E.D., GETMAN K.V., BADDELEY A.J., BROOS P.S., SILLS A., BATE M.R., POVICH M.S., LUHMAN K.L., BUSK H.A., NAYLOR T., KING R.R. Astrophys. J., 787, 107 (2014) The spatial structure of young stellar clusters. I. Subclusters. oTable 2: <[KFG2014] Orion A> (Nos A-D), <[KFG2014] Flame A> (No. A), <[KFG2014] W40 A> (No. A), <[KFG2014] RCW NN A> (Nos RCW 36 A-RCW 36 B, RCW 38 A-RCW 38 C), <[KFG2014] NGC NNNN A> (Nos NGC 1983 A-NGC 1983 J, NGC 2264 A-NGC 2264 M, NGC 2362 A-NGC 2362 B, NGC 6334 A-NGC 6334 N, NGC 6357 A-NGC 6357 F), <[KFG2014] Rosette A> (Nos A-O), <[KFG2014] Lagoon A> (Nos A-K), <[KFG2014] DR21 A> (Nos A-I), <[KFG2014] Eagle A> (Nos A-L), <[KFG2014] M17 A> (Nos A-O), <[KFG2014] Carina A> (Nos A-T), <[KFG2014] Trifid A> (Nos A-D). =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/ApJ/787/107/>
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