Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 luster MCS  J1149.5+2223.
These observations are part of the Grism Lens-Amplified Survey from Space (GLASS).
See also [KRT2014]. in source:ClG J1149+2223 = MCS J1149.5+2223 Ref:=2015Sci...347.1123K byKELLY P.L. , RODNEY S.A., TREU T., FOLEY R.J., BRAMMER G., SCHMIDT K.B., ZITRIN A., SONNENFELD A., STROLGER L.-G., GRAUR O., FILIPPENKO A.V., JHA S.W., RIESS A.G., BRADAC M., WEINER B.J., SCOLNIC D., MALKAN M.A., VON DER LINDEN A., TRENTI M., HJORTH J., GAVAZZI R., FONTANA A., MERTEN J.C., McCULLY C., JONES T., POSTMAN M., DRESSLER A., PATEL B., CENKO S.B., GRAHAM M.L., TUCKER B.E. Sci, 347, 1123-1126 (2015) Multiple images of a highly magnified supernova formed by an early-type cluster galaxy lens. oFig. 2: <[KRT2015] N.N> (Nos 1.1-1.3).
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