Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 Lensed Image of a Galaxy
  Note:Keck I MOSFIRE observations of N=1 galaxy, gravitationally    magnified by the galaxy cluster MCS J1423.8+2404.
Use of CLASH and GLASS data. Ref:=2017NatAs...1...91H byHOAG A. , BRADAC M., TRENTI M., TREU T., SCHMIDT K.B., HUANG K.-H., LEMAUX B.C., HE J., BERNARD S.R., ABRAMSON L.E., MASON C.A., MORISHITA T., PENTERICCI L., SCHRABBACK T. NatAs, 1, 91 (2017) Spectroscopic confirmation of an ultra-faint galaxy at the epoch of reionization. o<[HBT2017] MACS1423-z7p64> N=1.
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