Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

  A> (Nos A-E).    Fig.5: <[FBP97] 3C 34 A> (Nos A-H). Fig.8: <[FBP97] 3C 42 A> (Nos    A-D). Fig.10: <[FBP97] 3C 244.1 A> (Nos A-E). Fig.13: <[FBP97] 3C 252    A> (Nos A-E). Fig.16: <[FBP97] 3C 325 A> (Nos A-H). Fig.18-20:    <[FBP97] 3C 330 A> (Nos A-F). Table 7: <[FBP97] 3C 22 A> (Nos A-B>.
 Auth.:FERNINI I.+

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