Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 nfrared Galactic Plane Survey (Hi-GAL), (WISE),    Warm-Spitzer GLIMPSE360 Survey, UGPS, 2MASS, IPHAS.
 in source:RAFGL 5157
     byDEWANGAN L.K.

 Astrophys. J., 884, 84-84 (2019)

    The cluster-forming site AFGL 5157: colliding filamentary clouds and
    star formation.
oFig. 2, Table 2: <[D2019b] Clump NN> (Nos Clump 1-Clump 23). Fig. 3, Table 2:    <[D2019b] Clump A> (Nos Clump A-Clump E). Table 3: <[D2019b] YSO NNN> (Nos YSO    1-YSO 167).

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