Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 tron. Soc., 449, 3441-3457 (2015)
    The SINFONI Nearby Elliptical Lens Locator Survey: discovery of two
    new low-redshift strong lenses and implications for the initial mass    function in giant early-type galaxies.
oTable 2, Fig. 2: <[SLC2015] SNL-N source> (Nos 0-3). Fig. 2: <[SLC2015] SNL-N>    N=4 (Nos SNL-0 to SNL-3), <[SLC2015] SNL-N A> N=8 (Nos SNL-0 A to SNL-0 C, SNL-1    A to SNL-1 B, SNL-2 A to SNL-2 B, SNL-3 A).
 Auth.:SMITH R.J.+

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