Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

    Observations of hugh dispersion clusters of galaxies constraints on
    cold dark matter.
oTable 1: cross-id. KOSS not in SIMBAD
oTable 1: <[OHF95] ACO 1775 NNN> N=25 among (Nos 201-308), Table 2:    <[OHF95] ACO 2029 NNN> N=54 among (Nos 201-556), Table 3: <[OHF95] ACO    2142 NNN> N=112 among (Nos 201-376), Table 4: <[OHF95] ACO 2319 NNN>    N=112 among (Nos 200-412)
 Auth.:OEGERLE W.R.+

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