Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

  Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad
  Note:Byurakan observations.
Objects in LDN 1340 region: N=8 HH objects in RNO 7 region.
N=14 Halpha emission stars in RNO 7 region.
N=5 'RN' (Reflection Nebulae) in LDN 1340 region. in source:LDN 1340 Ref:=2003Ap.....46....1M byMAGAKIAN T.Y. , MOVSESSIAN T.A., NIKOGOSSIAN E.G. Astrophysics, 46, 1-9 (2003) Search for HH-objects and emission line stars in star forming regions. I. The Lynds 1340 darrk cloud. oobjects KOS94-N = [KOS94] HA N in Simbad. IRAS F02250+7230 = IRAS F02249+7230. oFig.1, Table 2: <[MMN2003] RNO 7 HH Na> (Nos 1-3, 4a-4d, 5). Fig.3, Table 3: <[MMN2003] RNO 7 HA NN> (Nos 1-14). Figs 4, 5: <[MMN2003] RN N> (Nos 1-5).
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