Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

     byHENNING T.

 Astrophys. J., 599, 335-341 (2003)

    NGC 2264 IRS 1: the central engine and its cavity.

oFig.1: [SSL2003] Object 1 to 7 = [TCY98] 1 to 7.
oFig.1: <[SSL2003] Object NN> (Nos 1-13), <[TCY98] N> (No. 7 added).    Fig.5b, Table 1: <[SSL2003] AN> (Nos S1-S3, C1). Fig.5c: <[SSL2003]    Outflow Na> (Nos 1, 2a-2b, 3), <[SSL2003] Blue Blob> N=1. Fig.5a:    <[WZM2000] MMS NA> (Nos 4A-4D, 5A-5C) added.

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