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SAVOT 2.6 release

new feature(s) :

. Better error management with reference to bad line number
Example : 
  The wrong line The Hipparcos Main Catalogue generates the following error :
  VOTable markup error : DESCRIPTIO at line 22
Remark : 
  The parsing continues, the main aim of SAVOT is to need as less as possible memory and to be fast, 
  this add is provide as a help to localize problems in VOTable input files
. cds.savot.writer.jar, WriteDocument becomes SavotWriter which is more rich...
Remark : 
  In the previous versions, it was necessary to create a whole VOTable document and then to write the VOTable document.
  In the new version, this is always possible but it is now possible to write the VOTable document step by step.
  It can be useful for large document because it is possible to write for example the document line (TR) per line.
  It enables the use of a flow without waiting the document creation end.  
. cds.savot.model.jar, new method "public void SVtoTR(String svline, char sv)" in SavotTR 
Useful to convert a TSV line into a TR element (creates TD for each element separated with tab), but the separator is not fixed and is specified as a parameter. Use : SavotTR tr = new SavotTR(); tr.SVtoTR(line, '\t'); // where line is a TSV line

SAVOT 2.5.1 release

fixed bug(s) :

. In the previous versions of SAVOT, the addItem method in a TRSet was ambigious : TDSet as argument. It has been corrected this version but some additional lines are now necessary.
Example : 
  private void write() {

      SavotTD td = new SavotTD();
      TDSet tdset = new TDSet();
  --> SavotTR tr = new SavotTR();
  --> tr.setTDSet(tdset);
      TRSet rowset = new TRSet();
  --> rowset.addItem(tr);
   // rowset.addItem(tdset);
     SavotValues values = new SavotValues();
. cds.savot.sax.jar, the package has been tested with new examples and is now clean (send us a mail if you find a bug), partial 2.5.1 update (only this package) 15 February 2005

new feature(s) :

. cds.savot.pull.jar, getVersion in SavotPullParser class: returns the current version of the pull parser engine
. cds.savot.sax.jar, getVersion in SavotSAXParser class: returns the current version of the SAX parser engine

SAVOT 2.1.3 bug(s) fixed in SAVOT 2.5

. 21 September 2004 : correction in cds.savot.pull.jar, SavotResource, getType() returns now "" (after reading of a Resource without type) and not "results" which is the default value only in creation mode
. 21 September 2004 : correction in cds.savot.model.jar, TRSet, getTDSet() ClassException (in some use cases) is corrected

SAVOT 2.1.2 bug(s) fixed in SAVOT 2.1.3

. 21 June 2004 : correction in cds.savot.writer.jar, ID (if existing) is now written for VOTABLE element
. 17 June 2004 : correction in Class TRSet method public TDSet getTDSet(int TRIndex)

SAVOT 2.1.1 bug(s) fixed in SAVOT 2.1.2

. 18 May 2004 : creation of a new archive, cds.savot.common, to resolve the Markups interface problem

SAVOT 2.1 bug(s) fixed in SAVOT 2.1.1

. 11 May 2004 : cds.savot.pull, in a few use cases, RESOURCE element contain was not completely parsed in SAVOT SEQUENTIAL mode

SAVOT 1.* Fixed bug(s) in SAVOT 2.0

. 24 February 2004 : cds.savot.writer, stream argument was closed inside the generateDocument method

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